2014 Club Of Aces:

                              Hayden Corcoran  #4        168yd.      7/5/14
                              Joyce Yocum        #8          86yd.    8/26/14
                                   (Odds for a Hole-In-One Are 33,000-to-one)
Affordable, Daily Fee, Public Golf Course.

We are located on Newburg Road between Rockford 
and Belvidere, just 2 miles east of Perryville Road.

Providing our guests with an affordable,
 well-manicured, 9-hole golfing experience. 
Our playing conditions rival any area 18 hole course!

Please also check out our championship18 hole course,
 The Oak Club of Genoa in Genoa. 815-784-5678, oakclubgenoa.com,

We're "Making golf fun" again!
"the best fairways and greens in the area" 
Rockford Register Star
Open to the Public
                       Thank You Very Much To Our Local 
Pizza Hut Restaurants(and Elliott Stubbendick & Kyle Streeter) 
For Providing Pizzas To Use As League And Tournament Prizes!!


And Thanx To  Pat Hartman & his 
              Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Restaurants
for providing some scrumptious ice cream treats & yummy sandwich combos for use as prizes 
for our Junior League, Men's League, Saturday Mixed League, Turkey Shoot-Out and other 
special events.

Please Support These Fine Establishments To
Thank Them For Supporting Our Various Events!
                    2014 Eagles Nest:                             
                               Shane  Roberts         #3        316yd.     5/9/14
                               Jeff Corcoran            #2        479yd.     6/7/14
                               Bruce Hand              #3         316yd.     6/9/14
                              Hayden Corcoran      #2         479yd.    6/16/14
                             Terry Gulley              #6         326yd.    6/19/14
                             Carol Beil                  #7         276yd.    6/27/14
                             Matt Corcoran           #2         479yd.    6/30/14
                            Jeff Corcoran             #2         479yd.     7/1/14
                            Hayden Corcoran      #2         479yd.    7/18/14
                           Jeffrey R. Funes        #2         479yd.    7/18/14
                           Hayden Corcoran       #1         391yd.    7/20/14
                           Hayden Corcoran      #5          474yd.    7/28/14
                           Ronn LoFasto           #9          370yd.    7/29/14
                           Hayden Corcoran      #5          474yd.    7/30/14
                          Josh Shoemaker        #2          479yd.    7/30/14 
                          Hunter Corcoran        #5          474yd.      8/4/14
                         Hayden Corcoran       #5          474yd.      8/5/14  *****************************************************************************************************

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To:253 Clubhouse Drive
Cherry Valley, IL 61016
Number and Street:
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Pat Hartman's
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Reminder:  Your tee time is the time that you are on the first tee, striking your ball. It is NOT your check-in time! You must always check-in a minimum of 15-minutes prior to your scheduled tee time. If you fail to do so, on a busy day, such as Saturday or Sunday, you risk losing your tee time and will be given the next available tee time.  
Thank you for your cooperation!
Also, please be considerate and phone-in at least one hour prior to your tee
time if ANYONE in your party will be cancelling. Thank you!
As at all courses, during busy times, 
singles & twosomes WILL be paired with other golfers.
                   A Special Thanks Goes Out To Our  Prize 
               Contributors To This Year's Turkey Shoot-Out!
Pizza Hut Restaurants and Elliott Stubbendick & Kyle Streeter  
Pat Hartman & His Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Restaurants.

Please patronize these fine establishments to say, "thanks for helping out" !

Also - Thanks goes to LaMonica Beverages for contributing prizes.
Contact Us
During and after periods of heavy or prolonged rains, please call ahead to be sure we're open. Also, riding carts will sometimes be prohibited or restricted a day or two after those rains. 
Please call to assure availability. Thank you!
253 Clubhouse Drive, Cherry Valley, IL 61016
   While you're signing up to play golf, ask for a registration slip to enter our monthly drawing to win a FREE Season Pass!
Congratulations to August's winner, Jerry Sanden !!   
Womens Clinic, Tues., Sept. 9th.
Senior Mens Clinic, Wed., Sept.10th.
With PGA Pro, Don Chavez  
Cost is virtually $1!

Busy Times To Avoid In Sept.

          Tuesdays          4:15 - 5:00

          Wednesdays     3:00 - 5:30

          Thursdays         3:45 - 4:30
    Sunday, 9/14  no open tee times after 11:24.   Open for bar & slots only 'till close.
Saturday, 9/20 no open tee times 11:30-4:30
  Friday, 9/26 no open tee times 11:30-4:30
Check out our cozy, neighborhood type, full bar. Try your luck on one of our ONLINE VIDEO POKER/SLOTS MACHINES ($500 CASH JACKPOTS). Bring
your friends for a fun night, meet new friends or watch sports on our three 40" Samsung Widescreens. We also have a new Touch Tunes Digital Juke Box, controllable with your phone APP. The bar, during golf season, opens when the course does. Closing, for now, will be sometime after sunset. We hope to stay open later if traffic warrants it.
       We open daily at 7:00am, weather & course conditions permitting.
Announcing Monday Madness -  Foursomes Riding Play For Only $72 ! Must Be  A FOURSOME .  Walk for $44 !
Super Seniors Day, Every Tuesday Until Further Notice. Get A $3 Discount from 7am-9am and from 11am-3pm !
 Lucky Ladies Day, Every Wednesday Until Further Notice. Get A $3 Discount from 7am-3pm !
Cupid Couples Day, Every Friday Until Further Notice. Couples walk for $22 or ride for $40 all day !
Family Day, Saturdays Until Further Notice. Kids under 18, $5 when accompanied by a parent (min. 1 parent in each foursome)
   Announcing the Mixed Couples Fall Scramble, beginning on Sept. 2nd and ending in mid Oct. Eight couples teams will play 18 hole matches, using a scramble format (scratch). You're guaranteed 3 matches and will have a 2 week window to schedule each successive match. Entry/Prize money fee is $30 per team. Greensfees per match will be $30 riding or $18 walking, per golfer. First place pays $100, 2nd pays $60, 3rd pays $40, 4th pays $20 and the consolation winners get $20 (based on 8 teams). Call Kevin Cotter for further information, (815) 985-4359.
All-Time Albatross (Double Eagle) Club:
                       Jim Michelsen #5 par 5 507yd. 12/1/10                           ( 25 degrees F. with a crosswind )
Congratulations to the winners of this season's Junior Program. Champion:  Hayden Corcoran     2nd place:  Blaise Corcoran
                                                                                                                                             Tied for 3rd place:  Aiden Krup     August Rundle    Tanner Morgan
Thanx to Junior Programs Director, Matt Corcoran, volunteers "Grandpa" Bill Louis, Art               and PGA Pro, Don Chavez, for several hours of pro lessons!