Party  Room Rentals
We have two rooms available. Both will seat 50-65 guests. Each room has it's own full bar and either 3 or 6 large screen T.V.s. We have a total of 12 large T.V.s, four video poker/slot machines, an Arachnid Electronic dart board and a Golden Tee Live, video golf game in the building.
We also have a digital, TouchTunes Jukebox which can be accessed by your smartphone.
We even have FREE wireless internet access!
Reserve your spot now.
Daytimes Until 4pm - $175 minimum plus a $250,
                           conditionally refundable deposit.
Includes up to 4 hours (over 4 hours add $100 each additional hour or part of an hour.)

Evenings, 4pm - Midnight - $500 minimum plus a
                 $250, conditionally refundable deposit.  
Includes up to 5 hours (over 5 hours add $100 each additional hour or part of an hour.)

For Small groups of 20 or less - $40 + $100 conditionally refundable deposit.  use of the Eagle Room for up to 2 hours (over 2 hours add $40 each additional hour.) This is for meetings or small gatherings with a minimum of food or snacks. The room will not be private, it will remain open to possible other golf course guests.

Each package requires complete clean-up by renter. 
Deposit CANNOT be used for additional hours and will be refunded if room is left clean, there are no damages and all additional time is paid for.
$150 ($50 for groups of 20 or less) of the deposit is refundable if event is cancelled 15 to 29 days prior to event date. Total deposit will be refunded if cancellation is made 30 days or more prior to event date. No refund will be given if cancelled during the last 14 days prior to scheduled event date. 
Renter may bring own food and coffee. All other drinks, including soda and alcoholic beverages must be purchased from Newburg Village. We recommend ABC Catering for your meals and snacks. A bartender is required for mixed alcoholic beverage purchases, add $100 per event.
       ($50 for "2-hour Small Groups")
Room capacity is 65 persons. (53 + 12 bar seats  or  40 + 15 bar seats).
Extra chairs are available for $10.
A contract, signed by a renter aged 18 or older, must be completed at time of reservation. 
We also have a room that will seat 250 at Bel-Mar in Belvidere. Cost is $1500 plus a $500 deposit. To make a reservation or for more information, call (847) 343-4924.

                    Although you may use the caterer of your choice, we've     
                          provided a link to ABC Catering out of Rockford. We've used 
                          them for 12 years with zero complaints and nothing but 
                          compliments. ABC is fully licensed, insured and certified by
                          the Illinois Food Service.
    Click Here To Visit Their Website

Need A DJ For Your Party Or Reception?

One of our golfing customers is 
Barry Tope / FlipSide DJ Entertainment

   Helpful    Links
Click To Visit Their Websites

                            There is also a DJ who lives in our neighborhood. 
                          He is Anthony Alano of AMA Productions 
                          Contact Anthony at (815) 440-4530 or :

                                                       We even have a golfer who is a                                                              photographer and can capture
                                                     your special occasion with photos.
                                                  Contact Luke Tassoni at LT Photos.
Hole-In-One Room
Hole-In-One Room
Eagle Room
Eagle Room
Eagle Bar
Phone App.
Digital Juke Box
Four On-Line Video Poker/Slots Machines 
     Provided by Accel Entertainment
Arachnid Darts
Golden Tee Live
To reserve your room or 
for more information, 
phone (815) 332-9002.
Room prices may be slightly higher during the winter months. Please call for current winter rates, (847) 343-4924.
                             All rates and deposit amounts are subject to change at any time.
TouchTunes Digital Juke Box Controllable
By Your Smart Phone. Audiophile Bose Speakers.
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