The Golf Shop at Newburg Village Golf  carries a small line of golf equipment, accessories and apparel.  Golf balls range from used to the Titleist  Pro-V1. We have accessories for most aspects of your game, from spike brushes to FootJoy & Precept golf gloves for men, women and juniors. Our men's and lady's apparel lines feature manufacturers like Page and Tuttle, LizGolf, Munsingwear, Cutter & Buck and Jersey. 

          We also have gift certificates, Season Passes and Mini Greens Fee & 
  Mini Riding Cart Passes, which provide discounts and speeds-up check-in time!
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Newburg  Village  Golf  is  a  Public  Golf  Course

Your golf experience at  Newburg Village Golf  begins in our Golf Shop
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  Here is a partial list of items available now in our clubhouse.
                                         Cutter mosquito wipes with Deet  

  Footjoy, Titleist & Precept Golf Gloves - Men's - Ladies - Junior   (all in left & right)
              including cadet size men's left & Pairs of Rain Grip and Winter Gloves

                Golf Balls:     Cleaned, used, singles, $1     Pro V's - $2
                            NEW SLEEVES NOW FROM $2.50 UP TO $14
                NEW:      Titleist  PRO V1, PRO V1x, NXT Tour & NXT Tour S,
                                       DT SoLo & DT SoLo Yellow  and   Velocity

               Bridgestone  sleeves of 3 -Tour B330, B330S, B330RX, B330RXS, 
                                               e5, e6 & e7 and xFIXx               
                                                  Precept  Lady iQ+   
                               and  Pinnacle GOLD Singles with our Logo  

                                                Golf Caps and Visors
                     BAG TOWELS - NVGC Logo, Cubs, Sox, Bears, Packers, 
                                            Blackhawks, Bulls & More   

                                 Men's Shirts   &    Pull Over Windshirts    
                                       Ladies Sweater Vests  &  Shirts

                        SHOE SPIKES - Scorpions    Stingers    Pulsars 

                                                Several used clubs                 

                        -    All Of The Above Prices Include All Sales Taxes   -