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Newburg Village Golf  winds through an upscale residential community.  Please respect the property of those living along the golf course.  Do not hit any shots from the backyards (or anywhere out-of-bounds!)  If you need to retrieve an errant golf ball, please show respect and use common sense. Do not walk on new  yards!  You can always pretend you landed in water or over a fence, and call it lost. A $5 golf ball certainly doesn't warrant $100 worth of yard damage!  Also, report any damage you cause if the homeowner is not present. If the homeowner is present, please exchange insurance information in a polite, non aggressive manner.

Newburg Village Golf strives to provide its guests with a quality "family atmosphere" at all times. Your health and safety is our "number one" priority. Guys, shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times; no tanks, muscle shirts or sleeveless tees, please.  Ladies, no bathing suit tops, please.  A lot of sod staples and other devices are used on the golf course, so please, everyone must wear shoes.

Everyone is out here to have a good time.  Cell phones can be very annoying, not only for your foursome, but for others on the golf course as well.  It interrupts one's concentration, slows down the pace of play and is generally rude.  Please leave your cell phone in the car, besides, you need the break yourself. If you must have it, be sure to put it on vibrate.

In order to maintain the quality of our turf, Newburg Village Golf  is a softspike only golf course.  If you need to convert your golf shoes, we have top line replacement softspikes available in the Golf Shop. Please do not drag your feet while walking on the greens, never pivot your feet and never run or trot.

The clubhouse at Newburg Village Golf is a smoke free environment.Smoking is allowed on the course and  back patio (15' from any door or window, and not at all on the front porch). Please, dispose of butts properly!

The Village of Cherry Valley does not permit private coolers or any unauthorized alcoholic beverages to be carried onto the golf course. Food and drink carry-ons are strictly prohibited. Newburg Village Golf  has a full service Bar and Snack Shop carrying snacks, soft drinks, mixed drinks and beer, including beer coolers for your convenience. (a beverage cart is on the course on a limited basis ).

The maintenance staff of Newburg Village Golf  works very hard to provide our guests with a high quality, well manicured course for your golfing pleasure.  We ask that everyone does their part to help.  Please keep your pull carts off of the tee boxes and putting surfaces (including the practice green) and keep them out of the bunkers.  Do not drive the power cars within 10 feet of the tee boxes, within 30 feet of the putting greens or into any of the bunkers. Keep the carts INBOUNDS at all times and off the berms.  Please replace your divots in the fairways and repair your ball marks on the greens. Use seed mix for tee box divots if provided . If you find yourself in a bunker, please rake it smooth when you are finished. Leave the rake inside the bunker at the lip.  These are the GOLFER'S jobs, not the maintenance staff's. Thank You.
The biggest concern among our guests is pace of play. Please keep pace with the group ahead of you.  Play ready golf. Use the power cars efficiently.  Limit your searches for lost balls to 5 minutes and let the players behind you play through if necessary ( only if the hole ahead is open ). Average pace of play is 15 minutes per hole. Remember, if you are less than a foursome, you'll always feel like you're constantly waiting. Next time, bring a foursome.

If  you have a tee-time reservation, EVERYONE in your group MUST be ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to reservation time. If not, you risk losing your time and being assigned the next available tee time. Wait until all golfers are ready, then sign-up at one time together. You need to call ahead if anyone in your group cancels or you may be charged. Also, if you'd like to add a golfer, you must call ahead to see if there is still room at your time. Keep in mind that 5-somes or larger are not permitted in one tee time.  If you sign-up with less than a foursome, you may have additional golfers added to your group.

                                            SINGLES, TWOSOMES & THREESOMES
During busy times (any day/time) less than a foursome will be paired with other golfers to make a foursome.  Those wishing to "play alone" will only be permitted to do so during slow periods. Also, those already on the course when it gets busy, may be paired with a group ahead or behind, at our descretion. Please remember that several small groups makes for slow play and that being in a foursome seems like there's less "waiting around".  Also remember that the average time to play our course is 2 hours 10 minutes. However, on busy days, the average could well increase to 2 hours 30 minutes or more. Everyone must keep pace, including beginners and children. Closer tees should be utilized if necessary and there is a maximum of 5 over par per hole permitted. Our rangers will inform you to skip a hole if you are having trouble keeping up ( you pay for time, not the number of holes played ). Remember, you will improve. No one expects everyone to play like "Tiger". However, you must have consideration for everyone else.  Beginners and small children would be better off playing during slower periods if you are easily offended. We play "Ready Golf" at NVGC and have several local rules to speed up play that supercede PGA rules. Just ask a ranger or clubhouse attendant.
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