Newburg Village Golf welcomes outside leagues to play here during the season.  We can accomodate any size league from 2 foursomes to 20 foursomes or more.  Outside Leagues are not limited to corporate sponsored programs. Individuals can sponsor their own friendship league.  Whatever the group, our staff is ready to serve you.

The Staff at Newburg Village Golf  will assist you in setting up your league.  You can choose to administer your own league and just reserve tee times, OR, you can have our staff provide the complete administration of your league including food, beverage and prizes.  Remember, you are the boss, so just let us know how you want your league handled.

Leagues generally begin sometime in mid to late April and try to be completed by Labor Day.  Your actual season will depend on the number of players you have.   Available days and times are going fast,  Be sure to contact your group for participation interest early. You determine the eligiblity of your players. We can provide your group with handicapping to allow all skill levels to compete.  Once you have a commitment from your  group, give the Golf Shop a call at 815-332-9002 for further information.  
Some of the private leagues ( along with our Thurs. AM men's league ) will need extra golfers to fill the rosters. If you are interested in joining, click on the red box below and leave you name, phone number and which day and time you are available.
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