Newburg Village Golf was the dream and vision of Melvin "Bob" Streeter.  Mr. Streeter designed Newburg Village Golf with the "Regular Guy" in mind.  He wanted the course to be fun and a pleasure for everyone, from the die-hard golfer to the novice, from senior golfers to the juniors.  No matter the age, gender or skill level of our guests, everyone has a good time.  
The Course
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In 2005, Newburg Village Golf was awarded "Beginner Friendly Certification" by the National Golf Course Owners Association. This certification came to be, in part, because of the adoption of the "Family Course" set-up for our golf course. Please note that we now have only 3 sets of tees. The yellow & green are no longer used but we will show you where to tee off to equal the shown yardage, to accomodate different ages and skill levels of anyone playing the golf course.  For instance, a family of four can come out to play a round of golf and each family member is competitive.  The eight year old plays form the green tees, the twelve year old plays from the yellow tees, mom plays from the red tees, and dad plays from the gold tees. This concept also holds true for foursomes of various handicap levels.  The low handicapper (Under 8) plays from the black tees, the low-medium handicapper (8-16) plays from the gold tees, the high-medium handicapper (17-24) plays from the red tees, and the high handicapper (Over 24) plays from the yellow tees. 
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Newburg Village Golf , for the purpose of handicapping, was rated by the Chicago District Golf Association, an affiliate of the USGA, and had each hole laser measured for accuracy.   
Newburg Village Golf is a 9-hole, regulation sized, golf course located just inside Boone County on Newburg Road. The clubhouse enters off Newburg Road, just 2 miles east of Perryville Road and the Cherry Vale Mall.  The closest, busy intersection is the dead end of Shaw Road onto Newburg Road, just south of State Street/Business Route 20. 
The 9 holes of Newburg Village Golf 
Course wind through the Newburg 
Village Subdivision and the entire 
project was named for the 19th 
century village of the same name.

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Our course is SkyCaddie GPS Rangefinder enabled. We were mapped professionally by SkyHawke Technologies, LLC.
 We are also iGolf enabled, having been consumer mapped.
                                                                Course Highlights
   Very well conditioned and well maintained course with large, fast, true greens made of Hi-bred,
     L-93 Bentgrass and fairways & tees of low-mow Bluegrass

    Challenging for the better golfer, with the back tees measuring 3134-yards, yet easy enough for
    the novice or average golfer to score well

    Locally owned

    Greens are easy to hit since they're surrounded by berms, like most newer courses have

    There are no blind hazards, few blind shots and very few, very small trees. Virtually no leaf 
     problem in the fall

    The course is easy to walk since it is mostly flat. A lot of our seniors walk it for exercise, 
    however, gas powered riding cars with roofs and windshields are available

    Rental clubs are available as well as a practice putting green 

    We're competively priced, run periodic specials and offer season passes as well as mini greens 
    fee and riding cart passes

     PGA lessons are available for adults and juniors, all ages, all abilities from beginner to expert

     We provide excellent, friendly golfer service

     We have a small pro shop and a friendly-staffed snackbar, serving sandwiches, soft  drinks,      icebeer, liquor, bagged snacks, candy bars, etc. We also have two full bars and VIDEO         POPOKER/SLOT MACHINES PAYING UP TP $500 AT ONE TIME!

      Leagues are available or form your own as well as company or private playdays

      We are the official home course for the Halstrom Home School Consortium Golf Team, the
      "Rockford Fire"

      We are located on the site of the historical 1830's town of Newburg Village. Look for the ivy 
      covered silo, which remains from the town's first farm, still standing in our parking lot.
Our famous ivy covered silo, the last  remnant of 1830's Newburg Village
Brenden Streeter, still golfing in late fall.
Bob, Diana, Marcia and Keith
Brenden Streeter learning at age 3